Procedure for transfer and Break :

Transfer Guidelines:

Guidelines for candidates interested in seeking transfer during the course to other locations where similar course is being offered are as under:

The candidate needs to submit the 'nomination letter' from the new employer.
In case of transfer in the existing company, candidates need to submit letter from the employer mentioning
  that the candidate will be allowed to use company facilities for project work
The transfer is subject to same semester of the particular course being offered at other location. The candidate
  needs to meet the minimum attendance criteria at the new location.

Guidelines for break during the program :

Short-term Break: If required, a candidate can take a break of upto two months during the semester (theory classes). In

  such a case if the minimum attendance per subject is 60% and the average attendance in the semester is 75% the candidate will be allowed to take the exam. Students who take break due to official assignment can avail certain exemption in attendance by producing a written document/letter from the company. In such cases the minimum attendance required per subject cannot be less than 60% and the average attendance in the semester has to be 60%. If the above criteria is not met the candidate can take exams only for those subjects with attendance of 75% and above.  
  However, if the candidate is keen on attending lectures for the subject missed during the break, he/she can join the lectures in  
  the next available batch and appear for the exam.  

Long-term Break: If required, a candidate can take a long term break spanning upto one year during the theory sessions (first

  year of study). However, such break will be allowed only for official reasons such as deputation on project abroad or at other  
  1.    A candidate is eligible to take short / long-term breaks provided we have a batch to offer  
  2.    Transfers are applicable only in case the program(s) is/are offered at the other location.